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Stages Power Meter – Battery Drain Issue – Solution (or maybe not)

The short version:-

Buy a decent battery like a Duracell, not a ‘5 for £1 ebay special’.

The long version:-

All over the interweb, there are posts about Stages power meter battery drain issues, mostly starting when the original battery has ran out, and a new battery is inserted.

For me personally, my original battery lasted a good 8 months, before it expired.
I already had a pack of ‘Maxwell’ batteries which I had purchased from Ebay at the cost of 5 for £1.

Put in the battery, and we are up and running again. Out for a ride I go, and everything is great. Couple of days later, get suited up, pull out the bike and spin the crack – Garmin does not find the Stages power meter. Yes the battery is dead. OK, must be a dud battery.

A second battery is tried, and without even refitting the crank arm back on the bike, a quick battery test on the Stages App the next morning shows the battery is yellow, or half empty. 24 hours later, the Stages Power Meter is once again dead. I didn’t even manage a single ride this time.

In all, I went through 4 new batteries within 2 weeks.

I get onto Stages support, who tell me to return the power meter to the distributor to be checked.

Before returning the Stages Power Meter, after further searches on the interweb, I see just 2 posts mentioning using a good decent battery rather than a poundland special.

I order a pack of Duracell from Amazon (hoping they aren’t fakes of course) (bought from buyer Top Deals 4 u (this link may well expire))

Since receiving these Duracell batteries, the Stages Power Meter battery gauge has been showing green for the past 4 weeks, and have had no further issues.

UPDATE: Now up to 14 weeks on the single Duracell battery, and still going strong.

Note: Just because this worked for me, doesn’t mean it will work for you, but it is surely worth a try.

UPDATE 10/10/16: The Duracell battery lasted a good 7 months, but this was on a bike I didn’t use that often (approx 37 hours of usage) and even then it wasn’t completely dead.
Success, or so I thought.
Changed the battery to a new one, which I bought in a pack with the one I had used since February. Just 3 weeks later, the unit was dead. No problem, I’ll pop another battery in there. This third battery lasted a total of one single ride, and was dead by the next morning.

Looks like a Duracell battery isn’t the solution after all, and I just got lucky with one lasting for 7 months.

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