Don’t lose your Garmin Edge so easily!

A tweet from Mark Cavendish


made me think that I really wouldn’t like to be in that position with my Garmin Edge 510 jumping off the mount whilst out on the bike.

As the Edge comes with a wrist strap, I figure a really simple way to not have your Garmin Edge bouncing down the road is to attach the wrist strap, and then loop the strap around the handlebar and through itself, before clipping it onto the mount.

1) Attach Wriststrap 2) Loop around stem 3) Connect to mount 4) Don't lose if it snaps off.

1) Attach wrist strap – 2) Loop around stem – 3) Connect to mount – 4) Don’t lose if it snaps off.

Sure, if the Garmin Edge did clip itself off the mount, it may bounce off the frame and forks a little, but surely that is better than smashing off the floor or being lost forever?

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