Felt Alexrim R500 weight vs Fulcrum Racing 3 weight (updated 2014)

When I first decided to buy some new lighter wheels, I could not find the weight of my current Felt Alexrims R500 wheels anywhere online to be able to compare against new.

Finally deciding on the new wheels, I thought I would weigh the Felt Alexrim R500 along with the new  Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels as others may find the information useful.

The measurements were done on a cheap set of digital kitchen scales, so while the figures may not be exactly accurate, they will give people a good idea of the comparison.

Full weights updated 6 April 2014.


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  1. Thanks for the intell, Andrew. I am considering a similar upgrade. How have you liked the Fulcrum 3s?

    • AndrewWilliams9

      Hi Mathew,

      When I first fitted the wheels, the ride instantly felt better than the stock wheels. Climbing seemed easier, and my average speed over the course of a ride increased a little, and acceleration from junctions also just seemed easier (though I wasn’t sure if all of this was to do with my fitness improving).

      I took the wheels back off for winter, and put the stock wheels back on, and my speed dropped by 1-1.5mph average per ride. The stock Alexrim wheels just feel sluggish, heavy and slow compared to the Fulcrums.

      Lets just say I can’t wait for the weather to improve so I can get the Fulcrums back on.

  2. Cheers for this – I’m considering changing my wheelset. The Fulcrum R3s are hiogh on my list. It’s a toss up between those and some Mavic Ksryium Elite. Will likely go for Fulcrum as they are over £100 cheaper!

    Have you changed anything else on your bike? I’ve got a Felt F95 and am considering if there would be any point in changing from the Sora groupset to a 105. I suspect the biggest difference I’ll see is in a wheelset upgrade and maybe a change to Shimano brakes (currently using Tektro).

    • AndrewWilliams9

      Hi Ian,

      No other changes to components. Mine is a 2012 Z95 so had Tiagra components, but also the Tektro brakes as you mention. I have added aero clipon tri-bars however.

      I am finding these wheels a huge difference to the standard, (I put the standard back on over winter and it feels sluggish). Climbs seem much easier with the light Fulcrums on compared to the Alexrims.

      Mine are running in Continental GP4000s which I find give a good grip and decent puncture protection.

  3. You guys should INCLUDE a HUB in your weights!
    Any cyclist knows that a Rim and a Wheel are not the same thing. How can you have the weight for a “complete wheel” if you are not including any hubs?

    • AndrewWilliams9

      Back again I see. You had that moan already over a year ago. Has it really been on your mind all this time?
      Sure, I will dismantle two perfectly good sets of wheels, just so I can give you a weight of a hub.
      Why not ask for the weight of each spoke while you are on? Maybe some are slightly different to another. It makes all of the difference you know.

      Then there are the non-anal people in the world, who just want to know a general difference of weight between two sets of PRODUCTION wheels.

      Comical. See you in a years time 😉

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