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Fulcrum Racing 3 wheelset

After having my current cycle (Felt Z95 2012) for a year, the plan if I was still interested in cycling was to upgrade to a Time Trial cycle, with a Felt B16 being the leading contender. The is still plenty of life in my current cycle though, so instead decided to upgrade the wheels and put the new cycle on hold.

I bought a set of Fulcrum Racing 3 from Wiggle, along with Continental GP4000s tyres, cassette and chain.

I fitted all these together and gave them a quick try on the bike. I don’t plan to use them until the weather improves, lets call them summer wheels.


There was a very slight bit of lateral play on the front hub, but a quick google showed that this was easy to fix but undoing the hex bolt on the hub, and tightening it by hand then redoing up the hex bolt. I confirmed this with Wiggle who responded quickly, and even said if I wasn’t confident in doing the procedure, they would reimburse me for getting a cycle shop to fix it, but it was an easy fix to do.
It has to be said, that Wiggle, along with SweatShop, are the two best companies I have used. The excel in product price, speed of delivery along with superb customer care which most companies fail on.

I thought the wheels would be a straight swap for my current wheels but that isn’t the case. The rims must be slightly wider as the brakes were dragging with the new rims so they need adjusting when I start using them. Also the gear indexing is slightly out so that also will need a slight adjustment. Not too much of an issue, but slightly annoying when I thought it would be a simple case of switching the wheels between the two sets and everything would be set up and working.

THEN I noticed something really bad in the photo of the bike. Yes, the tyres not being lined up with the writing on the rims looks really shabby. So I have just taken the tyres back off the rims so I could line up the writing. Much better 🙂

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Felt Alexrim R500 weight vs Fulcrum Racing 3 weight (updated 2014)

When I first decided to buy some new lighter wheels, I could not find the weight of my current Felt Alexrims R500 wheels anywhere online to be able to compare against new.

Finally deciding on the new wheels, I thought I would weigh the Felt Alexrim R500 along with the new  Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels as others may find the information useful.

The measurements were done on a cheap set of digital kitchen scales, so while the figures may not be exactly accurate, they will give people a good idea of the comparison.

Full weights updated 6 April 2014.


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