Monthly Archives: September 2012

New Bike Thoughts

2012 Felt Z95 (current bike)

2012 Felt AR5 (the original plan)

2012 Felt B16 (the new crazy plan)

The initial plan of action was to use the bike I purchased at the beginning of 2012 (2012 Felt Z95) for a year, then providing I was still interested in cycling, I would upgrade to a better road cycle.

Felt AR5 was a good contender as the new machine. However last night I had a random thought.

Why spend £2000 on a new road cycle, which will do pretty much the same as what my current bike

does (apart from being lighter and better components)? Why not spend that money instead (well actually less at £1600) on a Time Trial bike. That way it isn’t an upgrade with the old bike being discarded, it is an alternative.

The road bike would be used for long, slow or hilly rides, whereas the TT bike will be used for erm … Time Trailing

Yes I could use one bike for both hills and Time Trials, but I believe two separate bikes designed for the task in hand with help improve my performance.

The main machine of choice at the moment is the 2012 Felt B16.

I understand due to the aggressive geometry of TT bikes, I may need a smaller size than that of a road bike, therefore I will need to wait for the 2013 machines to hit the stores so I can take one for a test ride, before making a purchase.