Monthly Archives: June 2012

Weird foot pain

Sunday: I woke up and instantly had pain in my left foot. When I went to bed on Saturday night, it was totally fine. The pain was on the top of the foot slightly towards the outside. It was like a stabbing pain whenever I tried to walk.

Location of Pain in Foot.

Location of Pain in Foot.

I could put zero weight on the foot, so struggled to walk. I did still managed to hobble to my bike and get out there and ride for an hour, before hobbling back in the house to rest the rest of the day.

Monday: I had very slight pain in the foot, but could walk normally

Tuesday: totally fine, no pain whatsoever – yay

Wednesday: same as Sunday, once again I couldn’t put any weight on the foot. I did however have to work this day, so had to hobble around rather than rest. After 2-3 hours on my feet, the pain started to ease a little, and I could at least walk normally.

Thursday: (today) woke up totally pain free once again. So much so, I even went for a 25 minute run tonight.

Now I just wonder what tomorrow morning with bring. Will I be back to my hobbling ways.


Strava app & website

I heard about the Strava exercise app quite a while ago, but it is only available to iphone and Android users. Being a Blackberry user, that makes the app pretty useless to me.

Now I use a Garmin device, the website part of Strava is now accessible to upload my workouts.

The website itself gives you all of the usual workout info, the same as Endomondo or Garmin Connect, however there is a feature called ‘Segments’ which really interests me.

A Segment is a section of a route that you or other users can define (usually hill climbs or descents).

The website then uses all of the gps data, takes a list of all the users which have ridden a particular segment, and builders a leaderboard of all of the fastest times, awarding a KOM (King Of the Mountain) award to the leader of each segment.
It also shows a graph of the elevation, the distance and the average grade of the hill.

Here is an examples.

This is a segment which was already created, but I happened to ride. It shows that I am 3rd quickest, just 15 seconds behind the fastest.

Now I find myself planning my rides around the various segments that are listed on the website, just in an attempt to get myself on the leaderboard – Very sad of me I know 🙂