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In my opinion, nobody deserves £100k per week whatever job they do, and even less so footballers. It’s not as if they are role models for kids are they? Constantly rolling around on the floor, spitting, swearing etc.
Some players still pick up this wage even if they are not picked to play or are injured.
I propose they receive a basic (capped) salary, let’s say £5000 per week should be quite sufficient. Then on top of that, they pick up bonuses for varying things, like how many minutes they play, the level of their performance, if their team wins, and more so for trophies won. With all of the bonuses, they could still earn their £100k per week, but at least they will be doing some ‘work’ for it.

Fake Injuries
A simple way to remove faking injuries from the game, is to allow the physio on the pitch to treat injured players without halting the game (as they do in rugby). If a player is not really injured, then there is little chance they will continue to roll around on the floor while the game continues around them.

Player who earns penalty should take the spot kick. They had the goal scoring opportunity at the time, so why should they allow a better kicker of the ball to take the penalty?
In the case of a handball being the cause for a penalty, the last attacking player to touch the ball is the taker.

Throw In
You have quite clearly just kicked the ball out, why bother putting your arm up to claim it is your throw? You are only making yourself look like an idiot.

You do realise that the throw is to be taken where the ball left the field of play? Not 10-20 metres further up the pitch at a place where you feel like it. Class this as a foul throw, and award the throw to the opposition, and this will soon stop happening.

Corner Kicks
Honestly, how much extra accuracy do you gain by placing the ball so 1mm is overhanging the corner markings? Just put the bloody ball within the markings and take the corner like any normal person.

Road Cycling

I wanted to start road cycling the middle of last year, but knowing that it could just be one of my many random phases, decided against spending all of that money on a road bike, just for it to become a garage ornament after a couple of weeks use.

The urge was still there at the end of the year, so I took the plunge, and bought myself a FELT Z95 road bike, which got delivered during the first week of this year.

Felt Z95

The Felt Z95 is a pretty budget cycle at a rrp of £685 (I paid just over £600 in the post Christmas sales), but for that money, I found it had a pretty decent spec, and also great looks (in my opinion of course).

The geometry of the Z95 is relaxed, so prefect for someone just starting out like myself. The only very minor annoyance is that the microshifter seems to need a very long reach to get the chain onto the large chainring. This could be something I just need to get use to as I am a complete beginner to these types of gear systems, or maybe it can be adjusted in someway.

I haven’t rode any real distance on it yet, hitting around 60 miles so far in 10 mile trips, but over time, when the weather and my fitness improves, hope to be out doing 30-40mile rides.

Welcome back

Eighteen months have passed since I completed the P90x exercise program and closed down my blog relating to it. Today I have returned with this new blog.

This blog will not be about any specific subject, but more of a general blog about anything and everything.

EXERCISE will be one of the categories I will write about, along with CYCLING (my new hobby), PHOTOGRAPHY, and also general RANTS about things that annoy me.

I can assume the Rants category will be one of my most popular, (as lots of things annoy me) and many people will agree with them, however I am sure many more will disagree. If so, feel free to leave a comment about the rant in question.

Please be aware, I have no writing experience at all, so don’t expect great literature content, just my rambelling nonsence.

Enjoy 🙂